I Plan, God Laughs

from Bedroom Demo #95

Words and Music by Terry Scott Taylor
©2018 Shape of Air Music

It's another door slammed and bolted It's one more window locked You were on your way back home and Now you're not With my fingers I form a steeple In such a way when I open my hands There's no one home Then I call your number Just to hear your message on the phone Maybe next month Maybe next year Oh my oh my it's been a long long time I plan. God laughs. I plan. God laughs. Here's another faded photo In the year before things changed I took hard that betrayal Of an old friend, now estranged How could I be so mistaken Why couldn't I see in all that time I'd been walking a wire? Or that I'd be one of many who Got torched in his scorched-earth fire? I thought by now He'd come around All would be forgiven ‘cos Love would break us down I planned. God laughed. I planned. God laughed. The day is restless as a land-locked sailor Anxious to move on from old history Its baggage is ready and stacked Against the wall with a yellowing map And it's dreaming of the whispering sea "You'll dig a hole to China" Said my younger days "And die before you get old, Go out in glory's blaze" I won't be aloof like my father, Rest his soul, or like my mother Worried about too many things Pull myself up by my boot-straps, Be an optimistic dancer in the rain Maybe next week, Sometime this year These things don't happen over night God plans. I laugh. God plans. I laugh. God plans. I laugh. God plans. I laugh...


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