I Just Don't Like You

from Bedroom Demo #8

Words and Music by Terry Scott Taylor
©2017 Shape of Air Music

You're neediness clings like old cigarette smoke
It's time to abandon this reeking row boat
I am not required to fix everything you broke

I've been the giver, you've been the taker
I've done my best to love my neighbor
So my "goodbye" does both of us a favor
I choose to love you, but I won't fight you
Pardon me if I just don't like you

I'm done with cultivating your fragile affections
I'm done with high maintenance expectations
It's time we both took lovely permanent vacations

Yes, I've been the loyalist, you've been the traitor
So I'm gonna kick you off my little acre
Yes, it's been grand but I'll see you later
The choice I've made is not to spite you
Go with my love, I just don't like you

You took me down just in time for Christmas
Caused another big scene and ruined my business
I forgave you once again when you asked forgiveness

I gave you my heart, and you drove several stakes through
I'd be on my death bed still waiting for a breakthrough
How much can I take of still being lied to?

Here's your bags, and there's the van
I'm a tolerant man
Even you can understand
Why I just don't like you
I just don't like you
I just don't like you
I just don't like you...


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