Broken Together

from Bedroom Demo #140

Words and Music by Terry Scott Taylor
©2019 Shape of Air Music

I can't imagine living in a world without you
The number dialed, the silence on the phone
How will I laugh 'til I cry if I should lose you?
Who will hear my knock on the door if you're not at home?
Please stay here with me,
'Cos if there's no "us," how can we be

Broken together
Beat down, we held each other up
(While we drank the sweet and bitter cup)
We're broken together
(When I'd fall and crawl on hands and knees,
You were the one who helped me still believe)

We caught a glimpse of something deeply hidden
Through refracted grace, a distant flag unfurled
As arm in arm we walk the plank together
To board the ark that sails beyond the world

So please stay by my side
How can I go on
Without you and I

Broken together
(I was a cage of restless dreams,
You broke the lock, they spread their wings,

Yes, we've had our turn; too soon it will be over
Others will be seated in our chairs
I pray the exit sign's around some other corner,
And a velvet rope blocks entrance to the stairs

We wear the wounds and scars
Of much wiser men
Now that we both are

Broken together
Broken together
Broken together


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