<John Wayne>


John Wayne

Terry Scott Taylor

1998 KMG Records
Produced By Terry Scott Taylor for Stunt Productions.

John Wayne

1. Writer's Block (Taylor)
2. Mr. Flutter (Taylor)
3. Too Many Angels (Taylor)
4. Boomtown (Taylor)
5. You Told Them Exactly What I Didn't Say (Taylor)
6. Big Shot & Miniature Girl (Taylor)
7. Ten Gallon Hat (Taylor)
8. Hey John Wayne (Taylor)
9. Chicken Crosses The Road (Taylor)
10. You Lay Down (Taylor)

All songs ©1998 Twitchen Vibes (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.
International Copyright Secured. Used By Permission.

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Recording Information

Recorded by Gene Eugene and Terry Scott Taylor at the Green Room, Huntington Beach, CA
Mixed by Gene Eugene


Photos by Anna Cardenas
Design by Tom Gulotta, Court Patton and Anna Cardenas
Map Illustration by Douglas TenNapel

Thanks To Orange County, John Wayne, and John Wayne International Airport for inspiring this recording

Love and Thanks to: Baby Egg, Drew, Ellie, Moll Bee, Tom Googleeoughteeee, Doug TenNapel and the gang at the Neverhood, King Roe, the Lovely Derru, Tony (Roe the boat A)Shore, Mommy Tim, Burleigh, Amy, Gene, Phil, Steady Eddie, Anna, Loam, Kent Songer, Buddy Killen, Barry Bailey, Crissy Bakken, Phil Hughes, Bobby Acuna, David Adler, and my family, friends, and supporters

A Special Thanks to Flannery O'Connor for "Exactly", to Dennis Prager (my radio mentor) for the few hours of sanity each day, to Fred Buechner (who I consider my friend and my spiritual pastor), and above all to the One who keeps me "under the mercy".


The Players:
Terry Scott Taylor: Vocals, Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Mike Roe: Guitars
Derri Daugherty: Guitars
Tim Chandler: Bass Guitars
Ed McTaggart: Drums
Gene Eugene: Keyboards
Phil Madeira: Keyboards, Accordian & Lap Steel
Andy Prickett: Guitars
Burleigh Drummond: Percussion



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