Brow Beat (Unplugged Alternative)

Unplugged Alternative Brow Beat

Brow Beat (Unplugged Alternative)

Various Artists

1993 Alarma! Records
Executive Producers: Gene Eugene, Michael Knott and Michael S. Black

Brow Beat (Unplugged Alternative)

1. Wilderness (The Choir)
2. Drenched Decent (Poor Old Lu)
3. Deaf and Dumb (Michael Knott)
4. Will Have to Do For Now (Terry Taylor)
5. Keep Me In Min (Dig Hay Zoose)
6. Monday World (The Throes)
7. No Ship Coming In (Lost Dogs)
8. Bleeder (Mortal)
9. Crack (LSU)
10. Symbol (Undercover)
11. Don't Cry (Adam Again)

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Artwork, Design Concept: Gerard
Coordination: Matthew Duffy, Michael Knott, Gene Eugene
Layout by Brenda DiAntonis, Kristy Hiller
Mastered by Wally Traugott

"Will Have to Do For Now"

Produced by Terry Taylor
Recorded and Mixed by Gene Eugene
Terry Taylor: Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Autoharp, Bells
Gene Eugene: Piano
Bass: Tim Chandler
Cello: Rick Rekedal
Roy Hobbs: Drums



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