Dreamworks Interactive, Playstation

1999 Dreamworks Interactive
Produced by Joe Sanabria


Steve Crow: Airplane
Charles Fathy: French Voices
Luis Gigliotti: Boomer
Ellis Goodson: Moby Tank
Mark Lorenzen: Voice
Lani Minella: Chickie Boom, Lady Wasp, Computer
Rick Morgan: Voice
Aaron Nir: Hara Hara

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Recording Information

Music Recorded and Mixed at the Fabulous Green Room, Huntington Beach, CA by Gene Eugene and Terry S. Taylor


Music by Terry Scott Taylor
Written by Doug TenNapel
Lead Artists: Steve Crow and Ellis Goodson
Sound Designers: Luis Gigliotti and Ernie Sheesley
Lead Animator: Edward Schofield
Animation by Eric Ciccone, Mike Dietz, Vanessa Jones and Doug TenNapel
Lead Programmers: Kenton Leach, Mark Lorenzen and Tim Lorenzen
Tester: Seth Kleinberg

Special Thanks to Jeffrey Katzenberg and Steven Spielberg

The Boombots Band:

Terry Taylor: Guitar, Lead and Background Vocals



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