Startin' Monday

from the album Avocado Faultline

Words & Music by Terry Scott Taylor
©2000 Careers-BMG Music Publishing, Inc

Startin' Monday
I'm cleanin' the slate,
gonna quit smokin'
start losin' some weight
tell someone I'm sorry,
oh its gonna be great
Startin' Monday

Startin' Monday
I'll be cheatin' fate
Here, I've written it down,
I've circled the date
Right now is not good
but I'll charge out the gate
Startin' Monday

I know I've said it before,
but this time I'm determined
to be what I know I can be
Don't need a "how-to" book
or some do-gooders sermon
to change my own destiny

And Startin' Monday
I'll be playin' it straight,
choosing only the good things
to put on my plate
reversing the engine,
rewinding the tape
Startin' Monday

I'm well aware of the fact
I've got only a weekend
to get all my ducks in a row
I'll be workin' real hard
to get out of my system
a few wild oats left to sow

But Startin' Monday
there'll be no debate
I'll start readin' my Bible,
rise early, work late,
recycle, stay sober,
chose love over hate
Startin' Monday

Startin' Monday
fix all my mistakes
Startin' Monday


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