Kind Word

from the album Avocado Faultline

Words & Music by Terry Scott Taylor
©2000 Zoom Daddy Music (BMI)

Kind word
Lookin' for a kind word in a
dark world
under a mean spell
The golden rule is
you get what you give
So I'll wish you well
Make sure you have heard
a kind word
Kind word

I know it isn't much
but a blade of grass
can crack the pavement
And if enough of us
would go against the grain
in time we'd be a green field
dressed in God's own
finest raiment
soakin' up the sunshine
and laughing in the rain


I see the cardboard boxes,
the fragile houses of the lost
I see the endless line of crosses
carved by hands of hate and war
I see the broken children
fists of blinding rage
have tossed us
Can we start with just
this little thing
that may lead to something more?


They say a single prayer
can move a mountain
and I know a little faith
can turn the tide
The need to love
and to be loved
can soon become a fountain
that forms a river flowin'
deep and wide

What will it take to free us
from distant hearts
and downcast eyes
To see the face of Jesus
in a stranger on the street?
Who will water seeds of Holiness
In someone we've despised
Will heaven tell
ours were the words
that washed His hands and feet?



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