Simple Things

from the ep Avocado Club Exclusive 2

Words & Music by Terry Scott Taylor
©2000 Careers-BMG Music Publishing, Inc

No I don't drive a fancy car
She doesn't buy expensive clothes
We've never traveled very far
We're homebodies I suppose

And the house needs paint
It'll have to wait
While we live within our means
But it doesn't really matter cos'
We both love the simple things

Like sharin' coffee in the morning
Or when our neighbors come to call
The laughter of our children
The family pictures on the wall
Little trips in our old Chevy van
Tellin' corny jokes
And holdin' hands
This life may not be all we planned
Or every thing we've dreamed
But both of us have come to love
All the simple things

We've had our share of ups and downs
The good times and the bad
This year I didn't get that raise
last year she lost her Dad

Still we both have faith
To stand and face
Whatever life may bring
To count our every blessing
And to love the simple things

Repeat Chorus

Like prayin' with our children
When we've tucked them in at night
Like dancin' to our favorite song
After turnin' out the lights
Like a winter fire
Like autumn leaves
Like a gentle summer rain
Yes, all the riches we could ever want
Are in the simple things
And both of us have learned to love
All these simple things

Repeat Chorus


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