Your Thief

from the ep Avocado Club Exclusive 1

Words & Music by Terry Scott Taylor
©2000 Careers-BMG Music Publishing, Inc

Let me be your thief tonight
And steal your heart away

Well since he left you
You've thrown it all away
The key to your heart
You say you're thankful
I'm a friend
Someone you can rely on
But as I told you now
It tears me apart
That you want my sympathy
But you only think of me
As a shoulder you can cry on

Let me be your thief tonight
I've planned our getaway
And after I have robbed you of your loneliness
You'll see that crime can pay
Let me break into your soul
Don't fight
Surrender girl I pray
You'll let me be your thief tonight
And steal your heart away

You tell me heartache
And heartbreak
Is all that you feel
I ask you "can you love me again?"
You tell me "no not ever"
Behind this bolted door
A precious treasure is sealed
What can I do but break inside
The saferoom where you've gone to hide
By telling you I've loved you forever

Repeat Chorus

Behind the sad smile you wear
I see them all there
The walls, and the doors and the fences
I'll be your stranger in the dark
And turn a light on in your heart
After breaking past your defences
Let me be your thief tonight



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