Olley Olley Oxen Free

from the ep Avocado Club Exclusive 1

Words & Music by Terry Scott Taylor
©2000 Careers-BMG Music Publishing, Inc

When we were kids
I'd let her win
Every game of hide and seek
Pretend I didn't
Know where she hid
Even though I'd peek

That little crush
Grew into love
We got married
But she left me today
So friends if you see her
She'll know what you mean
If this is what you say

Tell her "Olley Olley Oxen Free"
It means 'come on hom to me'
No demands, no reprimands
No fines, or penalties
She doesn't need to hide
And all I seek
Is forgiveness for my jealousys
Let her know
It's safe to come back home
Tell her "Olley Olley Oxen Free"

Now everytime
She'd go to town
I thought that she was steppin' out
And I'd make her cry
With my jealous ways
My suspicions and my doubts
But I never thought
That she would leave
And this fool is gonna have to admit
It's been a childish game I've played
But now I'm over it

Repeat Chorus Twice


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