I'll Stop Loving You

from the ep Avocado Club Exclusive 1

Words & Music by Terry Scott Taylor
©2000 Careers-BMG Music Publishing, Inc

You say you need for me to tell you
That my love for you runs deep
That the vow we plan to make this year
Is a promise I can keep
Well I'm a bit surprised you're asking now
Though my past is wild it's true
But if you still need my assurance girl
Here's the best that I can do

I'll stop loving you
On the last day of never
At the end of forever
That's how long we'll be together
So in other words
I won't ever
Loving you

No, I can't erase a history
Filled with hearts broken in two
But I can say that I've never felt
The way I feel for you
How can I prove that you're my everything
That my love for you is real?
Well, I might have found the right words now
To say exactly how I feel

Repeat Chorus

When the stars fall from the sky
When time goes on no more
When the mountains all fall down
And the tide won't reach the shore

Repeat Chorus


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