I Like It Like That

from the ep Avocado Club Exclusive 1

Words & Music by Terry Scott Taylor
©2000 Careers-BMG Music Publishing, Inc

You're incredible
You're one of a kind
You got all it takes
He might lose his mind
You send shivers and shakes
Runnin' up my spine
But I'm in for the ride
The time of my life
Cos' I like a little sugar
and a whole lotta spice

You're a kick in the teeth
You're a shot in the arm
You turn the heat up on the oven
Got the kind of wild lovin'
That could do me harm
As a matter of fact
Girl, you knock me down flat
Well, I don't mean maybe
And I...
I like it like that

You're unstoppable
And I'm in a sweat
Cos' my hearts on fire
And theres isn't any net
But it's fine by me
If you leave me a wreck
Or, if it's my last stand
Well, strike up the band
All my friends are gonna know
I died a happy man

Repeat Chorus:

Well I like it cos' you told me
That I'm the one and only
Man you wanna please
It's more than kissin' and some huggin'
I never met another woman
Who could buckle my knees

You're unpredictable
A little crazy too
You turn me inside out
And upside down
Breakin' all the rules
And I'm never quite sure
Just what you'll do
You've got your very own style
And it drives me wild
When I think I've got it handled
Then I come unglued

Repeat Chorus


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