Penci Test Studios, PC CDROM

2015 Penci Test Studios
Produced by Edward Schofield
Assistant Producer: Lu Gigliotti


Michael J Nelson: Tommynaut
Rob Paulsen: Beak-Beak, PresidANTs
Jon Heder: Vognaut
Veronica Belmont: Mother
Bob Baffy: Father
Charlotte Schofield: P
Yumi Iwama: Octovator
Jeff Minnerly: Octovator
Bob Doll: Octovator
Eddie Fantastic: Numnaut

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Recording Information


Music by Terry Scott Taylor
Music Arranger: Rob Watson
Written by Doug TenNapel, Mike Dietz and Edward Schofield
Animation Director: Mike Dietz
Animation: Gregory Leysens, Timothy Reckart, Edward Schofield, Cameron Stradling and Seamus Walsh
Additional Animation by: Tucker Barrie, Eric Ciccone, Joe Heinen, Gary Myers, Doug TenNapel, Adam Young, and Derek Young.

Additional Lighting Technical Assistant: Chris Rauch

The Musicians:

Terry Taylor: Guitar, Lead and Background Vocals
Rob Watson: Keyboards



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