In The Meantime

from the ep All Day Sing and Dinner on the Ground

Words and Music by Terry Scott Taylor
©2003 Zoom Daddy Music

Grace has brought us here
because nothing comes by chance
Believers, friends, companions come
to sing, to laugh to dance

It's a little glimpse of Heaven
A peek and whats to come
Where broken things are mended
Every daughter, every son

In the meantime
Let's drift upon a summer breeze
In the meantime
Hang the stars upon the trees
Catch some sunshine in a jar
Drink a glass of latter rain
Though we still remain
We'll imagine Heaven in the meantime

There will be a wondrous day
When we will all be home
The way is through this darkened glass
We'll know as we are known
So let's eat and drink and celebrate
and thank the Lord for friends
Though it is a shadow of a banquet without end


We'll forgive as we're forgiven
and embrace as we're embraced
We'll try to love as we are loved
Seeing Jesus in each face
And though we say goodbye today
I'm sure we'll meet again
Here or there, that perfect place
thats just around the bend


We'll imagine Heaven in the meantime
We'll imagine Heaven in the meantime
We'll imagine Heaven in the meantime


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