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Terry Taylor/Mike Roe

9/21/03 - Vidor, TX
(Solid Grounds Coffeehouse)

9/22/03 - Wimberley, TX
(The Jacobsen's Backyard)

9/23/03 - Dallas, TX
(Club Dada)

9/24/03 - Little Rock, AR
(Mr. Mason’s Barbeque)

9/25/03 - Springfiled, MO
(Park Crest Assembly of God)

9/26/03 - Columbia, MO

9/27/03 - Cedar Rapids, Iowa
(Private Show)

9/28/03 - St. Louis, MO
(Private Show)

9/30/03 - Greenville, IL
(Greenville College)

10/1/03 - Fishers, IN

10/2/03 - Griffith, IN

10/3/03 - Grand Rapids, MI
(Private Show)

10/4/03 - Detroit, MI
(Private Show)

10/6/03 - Wilmington, OH
(Joe’s Java)

10/9/03 - Maryville, TN
(Center for Campus Ministry)

10/10/03 - Alpharetta, GA
(Joe Kirk's house)

10/11/03 - Rome, GA
(West Rome Christian Church)

10/13/03 - Sterling, VA
(Metcalfe House)

10/14/03 - Philadelphia, PA
(Summerfield Church)

10/15/03 - Damascus, MD
(Martz & Son Dairy Farm)

10/16/03 - Woodstock, MD

10/17/03 - Harrisburg, PA
(The Skoolhouse)

10/18/03 - Delta, PA
(Calvary Chapel of Delta)

12/4/03 - Vancouver, WA
(The Portal Cafe)

12/5/03 - Surrey BC
(Panorama Community Church Ministry Centre)

12/6/03 - Bellingham WA
(Calvary Chapel of Delta)

1/17/04 - Costa Mesa, CA
(Gypsy Den)

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The New Album from
The Swirling Eddies
Coming soon!

The Latest album,
from Daniel Amos,
"Mr. Buechner's Dream"

NOW Available!

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Information on the new single,
"Ordinary Extraordinary Day"

What others are saying...

"...out of nowhere, Daniel Amos resurfaced with the best album of their career and one of the best alternative-pop albums of 2001 (Christian or otherwise)... As of 2001 Daniel Amos was not only the best band in Christian music but were the best that they had ever been."
- Mark Allan Powell
(The Encyclopedia of Contemporary
Christian Music, Boston: Hendrickson
Publishers, 2002)

"If you're looking for something a little different than the usual Christian music, you're going to like this album. The first disc... has more of a classic sound to it, recalling Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys, John Lennon, and the Stones at times. The second disc... demonstrates more of an alternative edge, reminiscent of The Clash or Steve Taylor's early '90s recordings. ...Daniel Amos proves they can rock with the best of them, and Terry's vocals are in incredibly fine form. I'm amazed one man can sound so much like Tom Petty, Brian Wilson, Joe Strummer, and Bob Dylan … on the same album, no less. Despite the wide musical spectrum, the album is very consistent musically, and I believe it has a wide appeal because of its classic-rock leanings."
- Russ Breimeier

"Some have said that it is DA's best release since The Alarma Chronicles. Spanning two discs with thirty-three songs and almost two hours of playing time, I humbly submit that Mr. Beuchner's Dream is their best work yet.... This is a masterpiece that is a prime example of why Daniel Amos is one of the most important bands in rock 'n' roll today...."
- Chris MacIntosh
(The Phantom Tollbooth)

"Just dive in and enjoy the resplendent and divine-fixated lyrics, delivered with Taylor's best vocals, ever (he is truly in top vocal form on this album). Mr. Buechner's Dream is invigorated with refound purpose, overflowing with neo-psychedelic rhapsodies and gritty stompers, sounding like a great lost 60s garage band with an eccentric theologian-poet for a lead singer.... don't miss this. Easily one of the best albums of the year."
- Chris Estey
(HM Magazine)

"The new DA double album is Terry's finest work maybe ever. The songs are near perfect, the production is smooth, and the lyrics are as heart felt as ever."
- J. Cloud
(Starflyer59 / Velvet Blue Music)

"Daniel Amos indeed keeps getting older, but this is arguably its most astonishing work yet. Full of varied melodies and sonic touches and (as always) Terry Scott Taylor's consistently quirky, unique, and inspired lyrical approach."
(YouthWorker Nov/Dec 2001)

"Daniel Amos... continues to celebrate the Christian faith and the amazing grace at its core, but also burst the bubbles of those who want to over-simplify by robbing Christian art of its innate honesty. Inspired by novelist Frederick Buechner and the likes of Flannery O'Connor, Walker Percy, G.K. Chesterton and Dorothy Sayers, the band wants to tell the whole truth about life and faith, the paradoxes and the process—and do so in fine rock 'n' roll fashion."
(CCM Magazine Dec 2001)

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