Nightmare at the Elks Lodge

from the album Zoom Daddy

from the album Zoom Daddy

from the album "Zoom Daddy"

Words by Terry Taylor, Music by Terry Taylor, David Raven and Tim Chandler
©1994 Broken Songs

they waltz beneath chinese lanterns
the fool's gold moon weaves a beveled glass shawl
that wraps them in wardrobes
of checkerboard patterns
while the heavenly hostess serves them
highballs and coleslaw

my dear young dead lovers and old flings
gone on to your rest
dance on blue danube sky ways to sweet dreams
and stop all these mad, end all these sad last requests
(last request of the night)
last requests
(the party is over now)
last requests...

balloons are sad and deflated
the dancing feet tired and numb
the banners and lights have all faded
the party is over and done
and angels, they tap at the windows
their taxis are parked at the curb
and safely back home they will take you
if you would just say the word
say the word

they embrace on the crumbling verandah
the smoke and the spotlight cling like cobwebbed kisses
to wilting corsages and musty bandanas
dust covered dishes
and skeleton wishes


now she floats through the walls and the steamers
her hair gathers moonlight, confetti and stardust
she escapes from the holdouts
the has-beens and dreamers
the cold hopeless lust, the termites and rust


m.c.: "tea dance, ladies and gentleman, last request"

they waltz beneath chinese lanterns


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