Young People's Ethnic Ministry

from the album The Miracle Faith Prickly Heat Telethon of Love

©1990 (Dialogue)

[Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor]
Hello, my friends! This is the Right Reverend Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor speaking to you again, from the Prickly Heat World Ministry Center. And now for a message from my friend and colleague, Dr. Aaron Bergman of the Young People's Ethnic Ministry.

[Dr. Aaron Bergman]
Hello? Testing, one two. Hello, this is Aaron Bergman, host of "The L'Chaim Show." Join me every Friday at 4--sometimes 4:30, depending on traffic--for the best in Hasidic rap music. This week, my special guest will be M.C. Meshugganah. Next week, I'll have a special show dedicated to the best in Yiddish speed metal, with my guests, the Violent Yarmulkes. Ooh, they're radishes! Join me, won't you, please?


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