from the album Sacred Cows: The Songs That Helped Us

Originally Performed by Al Denson

Snap the latch, stay down low
Come outta your cell and follow me close
Down the dark corridors
Past the guards and into the murky moor
Down to the rocky shore
To sail away without a trace
He rescued me from hopelessness
Though I feel like I've escaped

From Alcatraz
Oh, my life was like Alcatraz
I could have died in that Alcatraz
What little hope was fading fast
Then I called His name
Lord, erase this impossible past
And before I even knew it
No more Alcatraz, oh, yeah

This cruel world, cold and dark
Chained to pain and a criminal heart
Lock and key, guns and dogs
Had to have a miracle to beat the odds
Down to the cold concrete
A desperate cry for help
I found Heaven there on my knees
When He saved me from the hell


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