<Outdoor Elvis>

Outdoor Elvis

Outdoor Elvis

The Swirling Eddies

1989 Alarma! Records
Produced By Camarillo Eddy for Quagmire / Billy Bong Production.

Outdoor Elvis

1. Outdoor Elvis (Camarillo Eddy)
2. Driving In England (Camarillo Eddy)
3. Urban Legends (Camarillo Eddy)
4. Tiny Town (Camarillo Eddy)
5. Attack Of The Pulpit Masters (Camarillo Eddy)
6. Mystery Babylon (Camarillo Eddy)
7. Arthur Fhardy's Yodeling Party (Camarillo Eddy/Spot/Arthur Fhardy)
8. Hell Oh (Camarillo Eddy)
9. Blowing Smoke (A song for Mrs. Eddy) (Camarillo Eddy)
10. Hide The Beer, The Pastor's Here (Camarillo Eddy)
11. Hold Back The Wind, Donna (Camarillo Eddy)
12. Knee Jerk (Camarillo Eddy)
13. Don't Hate Yourself (Camarillo Eddy)
14. All The Way To Heaven (Camarillo Eddy)
15. Rubber Sky (Song of the Prophets) (Camarillo Eddy)
16. CoCo The Talking Guitar (Featuring the Puppet-headed guitar of Gene Pool) (Camarillo Eddy)
17. Yer' Little Gawd (Camarillo Eddy)
18. Billy Graham (Featuring the voices and guitars of Camarillo Eddy and Prickly Disco) (Camarillo Eddy)
19. Potential (Dedicated to all of Mr. Eddy's co-workers) (Camarillo Eddy)
20. Strange Days (Camarillo Eddy)
21. Elimination (The Band That Won't Go Away (Camarillo Eddy)

All Songs 1989 Broken Songs (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured.
Used By Permission.

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Recording Information

Recorded and Mixed at Mixing Lab 'A' and 'B', Los Angeles
Engineered by Prickly Disco
Mixed by Camarillo Eddy and Sir Douglas jr


Cover Concept by Camarillo Eddy
Photography by David Dobson
Art Direction and Design by Jeb McSwaggart

A Big Eddies "Woah Nellyyy!" to:
Frontline Guys and Gals, Tom Gulotta, Court Patton, Dave Perry (Who gave a great suggestion), Lori Sult, Doug Doyle, and Mrs. Eddie. A Special belated thanks to Bruce at "The Carpenter" music store.
This album is dedicated with love to servants, cynics, and sinners everywhere.

"Come on fellas, let's have a burger bash!"

The Swirling Eddies Are:

Camarillo Eddy: Lead Vocals and Guitar
Arthur Fhardi: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Berger Roy Al: Bass and Trombone
Spot: Electric Guitars, Backing Vocals
Gene Pool: Guitars
Hort Elvison: Drums
And Introducing Our Newest Member...
Prickly Disco: Guitars, Backing Vocals and Additional Keyboards

...and our guests, the "Little Eddies":
Miracle Babe: Backing Vocals
Jeb McSwaggart: Percussion
(Watch for more "Little Eddies" in the future!)
Horns: "The Horns O'Plenty" Under The Direction of Buckeye Jazzbo



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