<Let's Spin!>

Let's Spin!

Let's Spin!

The Swirling Eddies

1988 Alarma! Records
Produced By Camarillo Eddy for Quagmire / Billy Bong Production.

Let's Spin!

(Part 1: "In which all the bad people get sucked into the bottomless vortex!")
1. Let's Spin! (Camarillo Eddy)
2. Catch That Angel (Camarillo Eddy)
3. The Unsuccessful Dutch Missionary (Camarillo Eddy - "with apologies to good missionaries everywhere")
4. The Big Guns (Camarillo Eddy)
5. Rodeo Drive (Camarillo Eddy)
6. Ed Takes A Vacation (A Suite) (Words by Camarillo Eddy, Music by Camarillo Eddy/Gene Pool/Berger Roy Al)
(Part 2: "In which disorder is restored and the beat goes on...")
7. Snowball (Camarillo Eddy/Gene Pool/Berger Roy Al/Hort Elvison)
8. I've Got An Idea (Camarillo Eddy)
9. Don't Ask Me How I Feel (Camarillo Eddy)
10. Ed Again (Camarillo Eddy)
11. What A World, What A World (Camarillo Eddy)

All Songs 1988 Broken Songs (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured.
Used By Permission.

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Recording Information

Recorded and Mixed at Asylomar Studios, Los Angeles
Engineered by Sir Douglas jr.
Mixed by Camarillo Eddy and Sir Douglas jr


Cover Concept by Camarillo Eddy and Jeb McSwaggart
Photography by R. Michael Seeley
Art Direction and Design by Jeb McSwaggart
This recording is dedictated to Engineer Bill and Vin Scully.

A Special Salute to the Helms Bakery truck and Oscar Meyer's Weenie Mobile. And finally to every "Queen For The Day" Everywhere, all the Eddies - Camarillo, Gene, Berger, Spot, Arthur, and Hort - would like to extend a hearty "Woooooow Nellyyyyyy!!!"

The Swirling Eddies Are:

Camarillo Eddy: All Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Gene Pool: Electric Guitars, Keyboards
Arthur Fhardi: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Spot: Electric Guitars, Backing Vocals
Berger Roy Al: Bass Guitars
Hort Elvison: Real Live Drums, Percussion

Jany Macklebee Sings A Backing Vocal and Speaks on "Snowball"
Buckeye Jazzbo Plays A Horn.
Horns: "The Horns O' Plenty" Under The Direction of Buckeye Jazzbo



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