Whispering Memories

from the album The Lost Cabin and the Mystery Trees

Words and Music by Derri Daugherty/Steve Hindalong

No, I don't wish that I never met you
Thought the thought of you tears me apart
Now and then I may try to forget you
But your memory burns in my heart

The Angels were reluctantly against you
So they didn't do enough to interfere
Ah, but true love was never meant for us
No surprise it all ended in tears

Time waits for no one
And our day is done
The sun gave her light to the moon
So tonight I'll listen
To the voice in the wind
Whispering memories of you

We might have rode out to the desert
Or to some big city to hide
But it's obvious now we were dreaming
Just a fantasy destined to die

Time waits for no one...


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