Hardening My Heart

from the album The Lost Cabin and the Mystery Trees

Words and Music by Terry Taylor

I was a jack of all trades
and a master of none
All those lucky breaks
and I never caught one
No, loves not my forte -
wasn't wired for the game
But I'm changing direction
On the path to perfection there's only one thing

I'm getting good at
that's hardening my heart
drinking alone, and
crying in the dark
Solitare cards dealt
So heartfelt
when I'm practicing my art
Sheer force of will
Perfecting the skill
of hardening my heart

No, I never had money,
'least I keep myself clean
Not much of a dancer
but ain't bad when I sing
Oh yes I had me a gal once
ah, but that didn't pan out
Got laid off, so I lay low

and as far as a trade goes
there's one I don't doubt
I'm getting good at...

I used to be friendly to the people in town
now, if I gotta go in, I keep my head down
They call me "The Joker," always good for a laugh
but I've since left the party
to work on the craft I'm getting good at

No, I've never been much
if a church goin' man
but I read the Good Book,
convinced there's a plan
where I'm a piece of the puzzle
and I fit in just right
Yeah, Fate chose the right guy
as part of the night sky --
A frame 'round the light

And God's very good at
hardening my heart
While I drink alone,
He shuffles in the dark
Dealin' the cards now,
He knows how
to help me do my part
Sheer force of will
both goin' in for the kill
and hardning my heart
Sheer force of will
goin' in for the kill
and hardening my heart


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