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Island Dreams

Island Dreams

The Lost Dogs

2005 Fools of the World
Produced By Steve Hindalong and the Lost Dogs

Island Dreams

1. Escape to Paradise (Taylor/Roe/Daugherty/Hindalong)
2. Wikki Tikki (Taylor/Roe/Daugherty/Hindalong)
3. Sailing the Cove (Taylor/Roe/Daugherty/Hindalong)
4. Lovers Lanai (Taylor/Roe/Daugherty/Hindalong)
5. Veranda by the Bay (Taylor/Roe/Daugherty/Hindalong)
6. Rainforest Romance (Taylor/Roe/Daugherty/Hindalong)
7. Sailing the Cove (Reprise) (Taylor/Roe/Daugherty/Hindalong)
8. Sleepy Blue Lagoon (Taylor/Roe/Daugherty/Hindalong)
9. Kissed in the Mist (Taylor/Roe/Daugherty/Hindalong)
10. Carnivale (Taylor/Roe/Daugherty/Hindalong)
11. Under the Wave (Taylor/Roe/Daugherty/Hindalong)

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Recording Information

Recorded and mixed by Derri Daugherty at Neverland, Nashville, TN
Mastered by Ralph Stover @ Dirtboy, Orangevale, CA


Art Direction by the Lost Dogs.
Design & Layout by Brian Heydn.

Mike Roe plays Taylor Acoustic Guitars.

The Lost Dogs are deeply indebted to their family, friends and fans who continue to pray for, support and enjoy their music - thank you one and all!

The Lost Dogs:

Terry Taylor: Vocal, Guitar
Derri Daugherty: Vocal, Guitar, Bass
Mike Roe: Vocal, Guitar

Also Featuring:
Steve Hindalong: Percussion, Glockenspiel, Thumb Piano, Energy Chime
Tim Chandler: Bass
Matt Slocom: Cello



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