My Hand to God

from the album Songs of the Heart

Words by Terry Taylor
Music by Daniel Amos
©1995 Twitchen Vibes Music (ASCAP)

There's a displacement in the air
Someone else is breathing
Tonight could be the night
I think I may be leaving
There's a slight pressure in my ear
Something here is moving
Never seen the moon so big and bright
Or had a dream this strangely soothing
It's good you're sleeping, baby
I won't wake you, sweetheart

My hand to God
I believe this is true
Beyond the dark gate I see here now
I'll be waiting for you
All we've dreaded and hoped for is here
What we both welcome and fear
I pray you don't despair
I'll always be near
My hand to God, my hand to God

We've both embraced the sobering truth:
It's a world without happy endings
Now it's as if the film has stopped
And real life is just beginning
You know I love you, sweetheart
See you again soon, baby

Well, it's easier than I thought it would be
My chest is full and singing with blood
You're the only reason I hesitate
But, it's like swimming against a flood
Be strong, sweetheart
Won't be long now, baby


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