Shirley Goodness and Misery

Shirley Goodness and Misery

Shirley Goodness and Misery

Various Artists

1992 Alternative / Stunt Records
Produced By Randy Layton.
Executive Producers: Randy Layton & Tom Gulotta

Shirley Goodness and Misery

1. "Unsatisfied" (The Scratch Band)
2. "Wild Boys" (The Scratch Band, with Steve Scott)
3. "Someone New (Alternate Extended Remix)" The 77s
4. "Justice" (Gloryhouse)
5. "The Promise" (Gloryhouse)
6. "The Beauty of Innocence" (Gloryhouse)
7. "Thief Song" (The Scratch Band)
8. "So Certain" (Daniel Amos)
9. "Little Things" (Daniel Amos)
10. "Off my Mind" (Daniel Amos)
11. "Fairy Tale" (Daniel Amos)
12. "Only One" (Daniel Amos)
13. "When The Victims Control" (Sharon McCall with the Scratch Band)
14. "Locked Away" (Body and Soul)
15. "Laissez-faire" (Daniel Amos)

Track 1 © 7 & 7 is Music (ASCAP)
Tracks 2 & 7 © Wayang Kulit Music (ASCAP)
Track 3 © Fools of the World, LTD. (ASCAP)
Tracks 4 to 6 © Roman Archives Music (ASCAP)
Tracks 8 to 11 & 15 © Twitchen Vibes (ASCAP)
Track 12 © Broken Songs (ASCAP)
Track 13 © Sharon McCall, admin. by Young and Ambitious Music (ASCAP)
Track 14 © Ninth Floor Music (ASCAP)

All Rights Reserved.
International Copyright Secured. Used By Permission.


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Mastered by Doug Doyle
Design and Layout: Patton Brothers Design

Information on the DA tracks: This was the first appearance of of these DA tracks, which are now available in improved quality on the Deluxe Editions of Horrendous Disc and Alarma!.

Daniel Amos is:

Terry Taylor: lead vocals and guitars
Jerry Chamberlain: lead guitar and vocals
Marty Dieckmeyer: bass guitar
Ed McTaggart: drums and vocals
Alex MacDougall: drums and percussion


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