Maranatha! Country Roundup

Maranatha! Country Roundup

Maranatha! Country Roundup

Various Artists

1982 Maranatha! Music
Produced By ???.

Maranatha! 5

LP 1:
1. Since I Met Jesus (The Road Home)
2. Perfect Will (Bruce Herring)
3. Just A Prayer Away (Bethlehem)
4. Losers and Winners (Daniel Amos)
5. Posse in the Sky (Daniel Amos)
6. God Loves Country Music (George Highfill)
7. Happily Married Man (Cowboy Billy McBride & The Ghost Writers)
8. The Bible (Steve Baxter)
8. El Salvador (Karen Lafferty)
10. Cause Me To Come (George Highfill)

LP 2:
1. Shotgun Angel (Daniel Amos)
2. Ridin' Along (Daniel Amos)
3. Desert Song (Bethlehem)
4. Glory To God (Richie Furay)
5. Servant of All (Von Rogers)
6. Death Coulnd't Keep Jesus Down (Crystal River)
7. Lover (Bethlehem)
8. Suffer the Little Ones (Fred Field)
8. Lead Me To Water (Steven Soles)
10. Last Train to Heaven (Fred Field)

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Information on the DA tracks: Aside from the abundance of early DA tracks included on this collection, it is most noteable for the inclusion of the one brand new track "Happily Married Man," credited to 'Cowboy Billy McBride & The Ghost Writers.' This mysterious moniker is of course Daniel Amos performing a previously unreleased track which was actually recorded several years earlier on September 7, 1977. "Happily Married Man" is currently available on the Deluxe Reissue of DA's self-titled first album.

Daniel Amos is:

Terry Taylor: lead vocals and guitars
Jerry Chamberlain: lead guitar and vocals
Marty Dieckmeyer: bass guitar
Mark Cook: keyboards
Ed McTaggart: drums


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