Virgin Falls

from the album Kalhöun

Words by Terry Taylor
Music by Terry Taylor, Tim Chandler and Greg Flesch
©1991 Twitchen Vibes/ Brainstorm Artists Int'l.. ASCAP/BMI

God and Goddess on a silver screen
Archetype lovers in a perfect dream
We love'em, we leave'em forever clean
Then a dirty little secret spoils everything

Let the virgin fall, let the virgin fall
Let the virgin fall, let the virgin fall

Saint at the alter on a T.V. set
He's walkin' on water and he don't get wet
The idolaters say that he's the holiest yet
He calls his mistress "Venus"
Says she's teacher's perfect pet, gotta let...


He was the leader of the people in the land of the free
A myth we kept deep frozen in a tragedy
But now we know he never was much of a deity
And believing in him is harder than it used to be

She tried hard to hold on, be his sweet expectation
Then she became herself, it killed the whole relation


Father's dark desires and mother's drastic lies
The kids don't really talk to them or look them in the eyes
Behind the graven images in the back of their disguise
They are the fallen architects of a failing enterprise



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