from the album Kalhöun

Words by Terry Taylor
Music by Terry Taylor, Tim Chandler and Greg Flesch
©1991 Twitchen Vibes/ Brainstorm Artists Int'l.. ASCAP/BMI

Bombs and money, and a death wish
I don't need your inspiration, I love you honey
But you're bound to vanish, in some fiery desperation

Slide down, you're sliding down a flagpole
To the devil in hell, Some kinda' gloryhound
Who loves those demagogue hucksters, and their wishing wells

I'm seein' blood red letters, on black armbands
I won't hide from the mobs derision
Feeding hollow point bullets, to a hungry man
You got him prayin' for the cataclysm, another gloryhound

You smuggle guns and bibles in a satellite dish
Can't stop you at the customs station
Beware the full metal hook inside the miracle fish
A neo-gospel for the hungry nations

Strap down, secure the weekend warrior
To his T.V. seat, some kinda' gloryhound
A flack jacket yuppie in a camouflage jeep
He's a gloryhound, he's a gloryhound


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