Never Leave You

from the album Horrendous Disc

Words and Music by Mark Cook
©1980 Cancel and Eat (ASCAP)

Only You can turn my world around
Yes it's true, my head's been upside down
I hope You can take me the way I am
I'm a fool, I know, and I'm tired of messing up so

I say to You, "My heart is open, take it"
The sky is blue (so blue), with Your help, I'll make it
Through the night, I won't get uptight
I don't know the tune, but I'm sure I'll get it right
I'll get it right

It's all so new, yes I know I was long overdue
So much time that's done gone, down the drain
I can feel the pain, I ran into Your arms
And I'm never leaving You, I'll never leave You

Never leave You, never leave You, never leave You


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