Shadow Catcher

from the album Fearful Symmetry

Words by Terry Taylor
Music by Terry Taylor and Tim Chandler
©1986 Broken Songs (ASCAP)

His eyes, make pictures when they close
He follows, pure breezes where they blow

The earth and ocean seem to sleep
In one another's arms and dream
He does not fear this haunted keep
But swims the shimmery boundless stream

Shadow catcher
Shadow catcher
Shadow catcher

His hands, turn shadows into gold
Three wonders, the spirit wind unfolds

Shapes that haunt thought's wilderness
These are the world's rejected guests
Glass darkly shades the final rest
Still He will surely past this test


Here the wind will sigh and weep
And all the world is drowned in sleep
Yet His eyes do watch and keep
And the Spirit guides his feet, shadow

He prays, the Lamb of God descends
He seeks, a kingdom without end

Comes the hour of his distress
When temptations do oppress
But each sin he does confess
Embracing now his Unseen Guest

Shadow catcher


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