Skeptics' Song

from the album Daniel Amos

Words and Music by Terry Scott Taylor
©1976 Maranatha! Music

MASTER OF CEREMONIES: And, now, ladies and gentlemen,
for your dining and listening pleasure... live from high
atop the Manhattan Towers, we proudly present the heart-
stirring sounds of "Dan Amos and the Maranatha Mood Makers"!!

Guess you aren't expectin' no resurrection too soon
(world doom)
That story's got to be bunk about that trumpet tune
(cheese on the moon)
But won't your peepers get the creepers when you realize
It's all happenin' before your eyes
Oh my! You'll cry as we wave good-bye to you

Now, all is well, 'cause there ain't no hell below ya
God would have a lot of nerve to reserve that hot spot for ya
No, you won't bring the temperature down one degree
Simply because you don't believe
Oh my! You'll fry as we wave good-bye to you

Yeah, God's a laugh a minute with His funny book
But, friend, I'd take a second look
All that you're read in there is gonna come true
Even, Clyde, in spite of you

No, you won't get to heaven just by livin' right
(day and night)
No cravin' for behavin' will release you from the sinner's
Plight (uptight)
If you're facin' God's salvation with an open heart
Then Jesus, He's gonna do His part
Oh my! You'll fly as we rise in the sky
Oh my! You'll fly as we rise in the sky
Oh my! You'll fly as we rise in the sky with you!

Song notes: While the song was recorded by Daniel Amos for their debut album in 1976, it actually predates the album by several years. Terry was recording demos of the song, which at the time was known as "Resurrection," at least as early as 1972 and his days with Judge Rainbow and the Prophetic Trumpets.


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