Boot Level Artists

Boot Level Artists

Boot Level Artists

Various Artists

1993 Alternative / Stunt Records
Produced By Randall Wade

Boot Level Artists

1. Mercy, Mercy (The 77s)
2. Trust (Two Pound Planet)
3. I Get Around (Daniel Amos)
4. Beauty of Innocence (Gloryhouse)
5. Smokescreen (The 77s)
6. As Long As I Live (Daniel Amos)
7. Good Directions (The 77s)
8. All The Changes (Electric Cowboy)
9. Emotional Tourist (Steve Scott)
10. Writing on the Wall (Son of Luke)
11. FLower In A Hurrican (Robert Vaughn)

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The two 4-track DA demos make their first appearance here. Both are now available in superior quality on the Deluxe Editions of Alarma! and Horrendous Disc

Daniel Amos is:

Terry Scott Taylor: Vocals, Guitar
Jerry Chamberlain: Guitar, Vocals
Mark Cook: Keyboards
Marty Dieckmeyer: Bass
Alex MacDougall: Percussion
Ed McTaggart: Drums


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