from the album ¡Alarma!

Words and Music by Terry Taylor
©1981 Paragon Music Corp./ASCAP

Down to the city on a country road I roll
I let her know
I'd be coming soon
I picture her in a flowered dress and hat
I really like that
I'll have to tell her so
The people gonna' love it when we walk off holding hands
They like happy ends
Maybe life's that way

The sun is shining in the big blue sky
It's a turn-down day
When he gets to whistlin' like the birds up high
He could fly away

When the curtain comes down I'll pack my things and go
That's not in the show
But it's part of the play

All the little men they gonna come and put away the
Sun and the big blue sky
In the world outside he'll watch'em draw the curtain
And hear the night say "Hi"

I wave to the people but the wind just blows them down
On the paper ground
They still smile


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