Hello Aloha

from the album Ten Biggies from Beyond

Words and Music by Terry Taylor, Jerry Chamberlain and Mark Cook
©2018 Shape of Air Music

Hello Aloha
You send me more than I can say
Hello I love ya
Now I'm giving it all away

I know you need someone to love you
Love you
And now that I am here
Well there's nothing gonna drive me away

And I say
Hello Aloha
You're simply heaven-sent to me
Hello I love ya
I love the love you're giving me

I sailed across the ocean
To be with you tonight
I must be on vacation
'Cause I'm in paradise

Hello Aloha
I need you more than I can say
Hello I love ya
It's getting better every day

And I've been dreaming of you all my life,
All my life
Now my eyes are open wide
But I never thought I'd see the day when I was gonna
Getcha Getcha

Hello Aloha, Hello Aloha, Hello
Hello Aloha, Hello, Hello
Hello Aloha, Hello, hello
Hello Aloha


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