Shiny Floor

from the album Flap Your Wings

Shiny Floor

Recorded by The Choir for their album Flap Your Wings (2000)

©2000 Words by Steve Hindalong, Music by Steve Hindalong and Tim Chandler

Yes I'll try to be agile
Like a lynx on the hunt
Cause I don't want to knock any candles over
Or spill any punch

On your shiny floor
On your shiny floor

Yes I want to keep composed
Like a snake while I'm here
No I don't care to shed any skin unnecessarily
Let alone any tears

On your shiny floor...

And you better believe
Before it makes you grieve
I'll wipe it up with my sleeve...

Yes I plan to lie so low
Like a snake in the mud
'Cause I don't want to show my fangs to the innocent
Or spill any blood

On your shiny floor...

So I'll try to be agile
Like a Saskatoon lynx
'Cause I don't want to set your house on fire
Or spill any drink

On your shiny floor...

Like a snake in the mud
Like a Saskatoon lynx...


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