A Tribute to Daniel Amos
"When Worlds Collide Part 2"

The second half of the tribute project that was begun in May of 1999. "When Worlds Collide: Part 2" is currently in the works and is expected to include new recordings of classic DA / Swirling Eddies songs by John Austin, The Electrics, Allan Aguire of Spy Glass Blue/Scaterd Few, Jesse Sprinkle, The Wayside, Robert Deeble, Atomic Opera, and many other artists.

Keep a close eye on this page as details develop.

(Part 1 was released at Cornerstone 2000, and included songs by Randy Stonehill, the 77s, Larry Norman, Starflyer59, Jimmy A, The Throes, Rick Altizer, Phil Madeira, Erin Echo, Joy Gewalt, Sideways8, Jap, Truck, Poole, Jeff Elbel & Ping and StreetAngel. That CD is still available in our webstore.)

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