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DA and related cds for sale

There comes a time in a man's life... and unfortunately the time has come for me to sell off some of my collection. I love the bands and hold onto some of the signed stuff and more sentimental items, but here is what I offer you. Please contact me via email if you have an interest. bobfrapples@verizon.net

Fearful Symmetry 1986
dr. Edward Daniel Taylor: The Miracle Faith Telethon 1990
Kalhoun 1991
Motor Cycle 1993
Swirling Eddies: Zoom Daddy 1994
Preachers From Outer Space 1994
BibleLand 1994
Songs of the Heart 1995
Swirling Eddies: Berry Vest 1995
Swirling Eddies: Sacred Cows 1996
Horendous Disc 1999
TST: Avocado Faultline 2000
When Worlds Collide: A Tribute to Daniel Amos 2000
TST and Friends: Ruckus at the Edge of Nowhere 2000
Revelation (w/ Pastor Chuck Smith) 2000
The Alarma Chronicles: Book Set 2000
Mr. Buechner's Dream 2001

Adam Again
Ten Songs 1988 (original release)
Homeboys 1990
Dig 1992
Perfecta 1995
Riki Michele: Come Let Us Adore Him 2003

Sticks and Stones 1990
More Misreable Than You'll Ever Be 1990
88 1991
The Seventy Sevens 1992
Michael Roe: Safe As Milk 1995
tom tom Blues 1995
Innocent Sampler - various artists including Mike Roe, 77s and Undercover 1996
Michael Roe: The Boat Ashore 1996
ep 1999
Daydream: Moments of Meditation 1999
Michael Roe: Cornerstone '97 - Safe As Milk 1999
Michael Roe: It's For You 2000
A Golden Field of Radioactive Crows: singles 2000
88 2000
A Golden Field of Radioactive Crows 2001
Box Set: 77s, Ping Pong Over The Abyss, All Fall Down

Lost Dogs
Little Red Riding Hood 1993
Gift Horse 2000
August & Everything Remastered 2012

The Choir
Diamonds and Rain 1986
Wide-Eyed Wonder 1989
Flap Your Wings 2000

Lifesavers Underground/L.S.U./Lifesavers
This is the Healing 1991
Wakin' Up the Dead 1992
Shaded Pain 1993
Grace Shaker 1994
Michael Knott: Rocket and a Bomb 1994
A Kiss of Life 1995
Huntington Beach 1995
Poplife 1999

-Odds and Ends
Altar Boys: Gut Level Music 1986
Steve Taylor: I Predict 1990 1987
Violet Burning: Chosen 1989
Vector: Mannequin Virtue/Please Stand By 1990 (both on single disc)
Violet Burning: Strength 1992
Brian Healy/D.A.S.: Devils, Angels & Saints 1992
Undercover: Anthology Volume 1 1996
Phil Keaggy: Inseparable 2000 (17 track version)

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