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Thread: DA - ¡Alarma! (Deluxe Edition)
Mike Beidler

Replies: 36
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RE: DA - ¡Alarma! (Deluxe Edition) 07-26-2013 17:39 Forum: Upcoming Releases

Of course, this re-release makes me ask whether similar treatment is forthcoming for the other three chapters! Has DA been successful in obtaining sole rights to Vox Humana?

Speaking of which, what was the reason Refuge gave for splitting up VH over two discs on the 2000 book set?
Thread: Custom Swine Special
Mike Beidler

Replies: 12
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RE: Custom Swine Special 06-29-2013 16:22 Forum: Upcoming Releases

I'm in for a collection of commissioned songs! I bust a gut laughing at mine.
Thread: Spittle and Phlem
Mike Beidler

Replies: 143
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Insane in the Membrane 07-21-2002 20:09 Forum: General Discussion

Omigosh! I just sat down and watched the entire S&P DVD in one sitting. Aside from finally realizing how insane Terry and Co. are (even after listening to all things Eddies), I also discovered that I will need therapy for at least the next five years. A bill will be sent to Terry monthly, as I expect full reimbursement after witnessing such horrors as the various Eddies tryout sessions and Pat Robertson crowd-surfing at Cornerstone ...

You will also be receiving the bill for the water damage caused by my drooling after the partial lobotomy your DVD is responsible for performing. At least it didn't affect my ability to type ...

Yours insanely,

Mike Beidler

PS -- When is the next Eddies album coming out??? I miss those nutsos ...
Showing posts 1 to 3 of 3 results

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