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Thread: Mr. Amos & the "to do" list

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10-13-2009 00:00 Forum: General Discussion

Heck...let's just go ahead and make it official!!!!!!!!!! There's a new DA album in the works!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile
I'm totally in for a pre-order...especially if there are goodies attached to it like some kind of "fan-club-ish" release.

So can Mr. Amos high tail it into the studio by...say...the end of the week???

My idea for a "fan-club" thing would be a little Starter Set demo album, dig?
Thread: Mr. Amos & the "to do" list

Replies: 46
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Mr. Amos & the "to do" list 10-09-2009 21:04 Forum: General Discussion

Dear Mr. Amos,

I'm sure you're having a great evening in your luxurious West Coast rockstar pad... Work must be hard with having your personal accountant add up all the royalty cheques that keep stacking up.

But I want to inform you of your official "to do" list, as given to you by me (but of course I speak for ALL fans).
As much as we love you and appreciate your music Mr. Amos, we can't turn a blind eye to the fact that your fans need much more music than you're currently providing them.
I believe this "to do" list will help you prioritize what you spend your valuable time and energy on.

1. The first 2 TST solo albums (Knowledge & Innocence / A Briefing For The Ascent) MUST be rereleased. Yes, of course they will be expanded editions.

2. The first 3 Swirling Eddies albums (Let's Spin / Outdoor Elvis / Zoom Daddy) MUST be made into a deluxe boxset. It should come with 2 extra CD's (cd1 - eddie demos & b-sides / cd2 - live eddies)

3. Horrendous Disc finally gets its proper treatment and by making it a double disc with all music recorded in this beautiful era included. DA's definitive version of this album is an absolute MUST...as it's one of the world's greatest rock albums...period.

4. Motorcycle becomes overhauled by giving it the royal treatment. And by that I mean that it becomes a 3xcd with Motorcycle Tracks added as the 2nd disc, and the 3rd disc is a new live in-studio version of the album, stripped down...and with Jason Martin adding some extra geetars!

5. The !Alarma! Chronicles become revisited again. This time, no "bookset". Instead, a boxset with that includes all the stuff from the cutting room floor of this era. Very comprehensive. The CD's and packaging should all look like LP's.

6. Kalhoun Retuned - this overlooked album is rereleased as a 2xcd set, with cd1 being the orginal album with a modest amount of bonus tracks. cd2 is the exact same album (basic tracks) with Terry's mature ears behind the soundboards remixing...and adding additional instrumentation.

7. Bibleland Rediscovered - a simple 2xcd set with cd1 being the usual regular album rounded out by rough takes and b-sides. cd2 is Terry first complete (and serious) cover album...all from christian artists in light if the "Bible" theme...

8. Shotgun Angel - finally gets the exposure it deserves by being rereleased as a unique 2xcd. The 2nd disc is Taylor and Michael Roe reworking the tracks...

9. Record some more Starter Set stuff with J. Martin...and make it a 4xcd album where each album can play and sound good alone, but if you play them all together...you have something really special!

...I have MANY more ideas, but I think that this little list should get you started. It woudl be great if you could have all of these out by next summer...that way you would totally dominate the summer festival season.
I'm glad I could be of help Mr. Amos.
God Bless,
- cb
Thread: NEW Taylor solo album!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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03-09-2009 17:06 Forum: General Discussion

Actually...Terry Taylor is the new frontman for the Newsboys!!!! Shocked
Thread: NEW Taylor solo album!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Replies: 16
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03-08-2009 20:29 Forum: General Discussion


As for Sufjan...I think the collab would have a lot of potential...imo...
Thread: NEW Taylor solo album!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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NEW Taylor solo album!!!!!!!!!!!!! 03-07-2009 10:21 Forum: General Discussion

Terry is finally working on a new solo record, co-produced by Sufjan Stevens!!!!

line-up -
Taylor: voice / gee-tar
indie Hindie: procussion / concussions
Sufjan: banjo / echoes
Prickett: droning gee-tar
Chandler: bass / low ended noises
Son Lux: programmed glitches and weird stuff
Roe: cameo gee-tar
Derri: star studded strums here and there

sorry...just dreamin' a little!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thread: Returning Oddities

Replies: 146
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02-19-2009 12:00 Forum: Upcoming Releases

Any news on the status of the Little Big reissue???
Thread: the starter set (demos)

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the starter set (demos) 02-19-2009 11:56 Forum: General Discussion

I've been listening to The Starter Set demos from Random Acts, and I have a huge love for Jason Martin (SF59).
I'm a little suprised that more guys in the SF59 fanbase don't talk about this...I get the impression that it isn't widely known that this was a collab with Taylor & Martin.

I like the little liner notes included with the CD, but it's all still a little mysterious to me.

1. Are The Starter Set demos on the Random Acts CD the only tracks from this project?
2. What market was this project aimed for (CCM / major)?
3. Why did it die (lack of label interest perhaps?)?

Anyways, if there's any more Starter Set material laying around, I'd appreciate it if Terry just sent it all to me. Wink

Thread: Question about Miracle Faith Telethon reissue

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02-19-2009 11:49 Forum: General Discussion

I'd like to read them too...
The album is a HIT by the way!!!
Thread: DA - BibleLand

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02-19-2009 11:47 Forum: CD & DVD Reviews

I LOVE Bibleland...and Kalhoun...
To me, they both sound very similar.
This is the DA r o c k ! ! !

Terry's gritty, dirty phase totally adds to his complete, well-rounded songwriting ability...

Actually, if we are ever blessed with another DA record (Lord please!!!), I hope Terry would find middle ground with Bibleland/ Kalhoun and Motorcycle....

That's my 2 cents...
Thread: Terry Taylor in Down the Line magazine - for free

Replies: 2
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01-21-2009 12:44 Forum: General Discussion

Good read.
Thanks for posting.
I'm REALLY looking forward to the new LSU.
Thread: Favorite DFBB song?

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12-08-2008 09:25 Forum: General Discussion

Tough choice...as I firmly believe this has to be one of THE BEST recordings of all time...
For today I'll say - "The Unattainable Earth"
Thread: When Everyone Wore Hats

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12-05-2008 11:07 Forum: General Discussion

Oops! It is 3 CD's...and it's sitting on the bookshelf right behind me. I just didn't bother to look.

I know that it is a limited market item, but all Taylor fans that don't have the WEWH bookset are really missing out on a very unique window into Terry's ability to reinvent a song...
With an artist like Terry, the question is "what's NOT essential?".
Thread: When Everyone Wore Hats

Replies: 26
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12-05-2008 10:08 Forum: General Discussion

Well...it's a 2 CD set with the first disc being the original Songs Of The Heart and the second disc being deconstructed acoustic versions, fully capable of standing on their own. It's rounded out by a few extra bonus tracks and an interview...

The packaging is a soft cover book that contains all lyrics, credits, and Terry's own story of the album's fictional characters.
As far as all around packaging goes, you should love it.
Thread: darn floor!

Replies: 49
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12-04-2008 13:45 Forum: General Discussion

okay...how many copies of little big sold then, mister? Tongue
Thread: darn floor!

Replies: 49
Views: 40,973
12-04-2008 13:27 Forum: General Discussion

come on eric...make terry cough up them numbers...
be a man!!! Wink
Thread: Daniel Amos Box Set and Rarities for collectors only!

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12-03-2008 11:35 Forum: General Discussion

I wish that Joel was selling these in February and not December...because I'd be able to purchase a few then...but with Christmas coming and all, I can't be shelling out money for something my wife doesn't particularly enjoy.

The selfish part of me hopes that these don't sell too fast, so maybe I can eventually pick them up...
Or I could grab one or 2 items now with nothing down...and have a few months to pay. Shocked
Serious. I'm an honourable Christian man!
But I doubt Joel would go for that, and if I were him, I probably wouldn't either.
Thread: Daniel Amos - Darn Floor Big Bite 20th Anniversary

Replies: 653
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12-01-2008 14:00 Forum: Upcoming Releases

I'm saddened by the snide remarks and bitterness that I've seen here.
I'm grateful for the work that Jason & Eric are doing...and it's obvious that if it weren't for the DA store that Terry wouldn't be able to put out near as much music as he has been.

I would think that the one unifying factor here would be Terry Scott Taylor.
If he has personally rubbed anyone the wrong way (and he wouldn't be the first...or the last!), then the great thing about it is that you can move on and just stop posting on his messageboard.
Or, if you're put out about something specific, then have a little class and handle it privately (pm, e-mail, etc). This just seems obvious to me.

I know that I would be considered a new(er) guy to the boards, but I'm here simply because I'm a fan of Terry's work...all of it... And when I read a thread about the brand new DFBB reissue, I would expect to read FAN comments surrounding that work...

I know that there's some histroy here and some folks got soured, but that's a choice. My first order from the DA store took a bit longer to arrive than most...so I e-mailed them...and end the end, it all would have worked out anyways...and the bros A got back to me asap and let me know what was going on...it was an international order.

I feel sorry for the fans who feel the need to spread sour grapes.

BUY from the band (through the site)...Help Terry buy his wife a new dress.

As far as the DFBB reissue goes...I have to say that it's stunning. It is deluxe in every way. The Terry interview is also well done. Thanks to all the folks that made this happen!!!
Thread: darn floor!

Replies: 49
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11-28-2008 14:21 Forum: General Discussion

I got mine today!!!!!!!!!!
Great packaging...can't wait to dive into it...
Thread: Terry Scott Taylor - John Wayne

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Terry Scott Taylor - John Wayne 11-28-2008 09:40 Forum: CD & DVD Reviews

This album is essential Terry Scott Taylor listening. Musically, it would be hard to find a clear distinction between John Wayne and Daniel Amos records. That is to say that his solo album doesn't drown in singer/songwriter introspection, yet it's not afraid to go there.
There are more than an album's worth of Terry-isms here too...humorous, insightful, and dare I say convicting.
John Wayne ranks among the top of Taylor's best work, and it sounds as vital today (10 years later) as it did when it was first released!
Thread: darn floor!

Replies: 49
Views: 40,973
11-28-2008 09:20 Forum: General Discussion


Perhaps this has already been asked...but does Terry and the Boys get a good cut from the sales of this re-issue? I would hope that this Arena Rock re-issue makes for a real Merry Christmas for the most underrated rock band in the world...
It's awesome to hear how high this has charted in e-music, etc.
They need more HIGH PROFILE reviews...and since this is an Arena Rock release, it shouldn't be too hard to get them. PopMatters and PitchforkMedia need to review this...and the album will gain a lot more interest than it already has.
Anyways...I can't wait for mine to arrive!
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