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Thread: An Open Letter To All Swirling Eddies Fans

Replies: 100
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An Open Letter To All Swirling Eddies Fans 04-30-2007 22:05 Forum: General Discussion

Wacky fan letter needs to be a hidden or bonus track on an upcoming cd, maybe track 24 or later. i remember hearing it as well, wish i had saved it.

oops this was supposed to be a reply in another post.
Thread: lost dogs everett concert

Replies: 3
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08-25-2006 16:32 Forum: General Discussion

thanks for the info.

Thread: lost dogs everett concert

Replies: 3
Views: 6,751
lost dogs everett concert 08-25-2006 09:17 Forum: General Discussion

i've been looking on line but can not find out how to get tickets for one of the western washington dogs concerts, either the everett or bremerton show. can somebody, anybody, nobody, let me know how or where to get tickets.

i really appreciate it. i'm obviously a big fan, but my wife, dont get me started, i've got to take her or i'm forever sleeping in the doghouse (and we dont even have a dog!).

thanks all
Thread: Where's The Horsey Blowing Bubbles?

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its my desktop background 01-17-2006 15:59 Forum: General Discussion

the horsey blowing bubbles has been the wallpaper on my work computer for about 3 years now. hope you dont mind my saving to my computer, but it does get alot of, "whats that all about". which leads to a DA conversation.

btw, does the horse have a name, if not how about Beetlebaum.
Thread: Avocado Club

Replies: 42
Views: 32,686
how bout online fan club? 01-12-2005 15:33 Forum: General Discussion

have you thought of having the club be online only. i was perusing the violet burnings site and their club is lifetime $25 and it opens up additional website pages with mp3 downloads and movie/excerpt footage of concerts, studio, on tour and other stuff. it also has additional band information and bunch of other stuff. it's very well done.

by doing the club this way it would eliminate the cost of producing and sending cd's (and then there were the free t-shirts to make up for the delay of the fan disc) etc. which had to be costly as well as a logistical nightmare keeping track of members. sounds like it may never be over.

if its online, fans could download whatever you put up there and knowing da and 77's fans, even if it was terry sneezing, it would get downloaded.

i think that it would keep fans happy and once its up and going, relatively easy to maintain. the guys may have fun putting up goofy in studio or on the road footage/photos and old demo's as well as unreleased demo's, rough mixes, etc.
Thread: New Releases... 2004

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12-27-2003 03:13 Forum: General Discussion

it would be nice on the releases, since you're looking for a way to help them sell, is to release them in dvd audio (5.1). i have no idea on cost or what it takes to convert the previous music into that format, but they are showing up at music stores more and more. if it is something cheap to convert to, it might help sell.

btw, i'd like the items you mentioned above as well as the original prickley heat telethon, shirley goodness and misery, and no sense of history.

the 77's/mike roe club releases were awesome, sorry to hear that you haven't been getting feedback on those.

Thread: avocado cd

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avocado cd 04-10-2002 19:50 Forum: General Discussion

wow, what a great cd. really makes you want to grab the guitar and play along.

i can't wait until the holidays for the summer release to come out as this was well worth the wait. Big Grin

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