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Thread: Daniel Amos - Darn Floor Big Bite 20th Anniversary

Replies: 653
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03-19-2009 14:52 Forum: Upcoming Releases

ya ya, sorry! p/u = pick up..... as I cry in my hide the beer the pastor's here...

i'm still giddy about seeing the "band" this summer. i'm too far away from cornerstone, so can't wait to see 'em on the west coast.
Thread: "Terry Taylor & Friends" Tour -- THE Summer tour of 2009

Replies: 79
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03-16-2009 13:16 Forum: General Discussion

i live in vancouver, bc, canada - but i ASSURE you that i will go to the closest venue to my home to see them - seattle, portland, los angeles?? i don't care, i will be there and with as many friends as i can carry on my back!!!! SO PUMPED

i'm on your team, baby!!!!!
Thread: Question about Miracle Faith Telethon reissue

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03-16-2009 13:10 Forum: General Discussion

my copy has notes on each song, some lyrics and a write up by Brian Quincy (spelled Qunicy in the sig) Newcomb. so i guess mine is a 1990 orig.

will forever be an awesome! release.... reminds me of the greatness of outdoor elvis.

best version of BIG GUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thread: Daniel Amos - Darn Floor Big Bite 20th Anniversary

Replies: 653
Views: 658,929
03-16-2009 12:58 Forum: Upcoming Releases

I regretfully didn't p/u the shotgun angel and DA re-issues...penny pinching I guess - always preferred horrendous disc and forward was the thinking. the darn floor re-issue is truly awesome. such a high quality double-digi-pack release ! I will never miss a da/eddies re-issue again. I am soo impressed with it. arrco did a masterful job.

vinyl LP's I have:
DA s/t, shotgun angel, horrendous disc, alarma, doppelganger, vox humana, fearful symmetry, darn floor, knowledge and innocence.

cd's I have:
alarma, vox humana, darn floor, 82 live bootleg, motorcycle, bible land, miracle faith telethon, let's spin, outdoor elvis, kalhoun, swirling mellow/farm beatles, sacred cows, zoom daddy, world famous hits, berry vest, midget speck, buechner's dream, alarma book set, songs of the heart, glimpses of grace, a briefing for hte ascent, john wayne, radio players.

and some cassettes...

still searching and hoping to p/u the shotgun angel and s/t re-issues. won't miss that opportunity again!
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