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Thread: Eddies at Biola, 1990

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Eddies at Biola, 1990 04-02-2009 00:16 Forum: General Discussion

I'm working on a Biola history project, and just wrote an entry on the Swirling Eddies. It's not supposed to be comprehensive, just a "what the Eddies have to do with Biola" quick piece. The main reason I did it was to post a review from the student newspaper of the famous 1990 Eddies show at Biola. Thought you might enjoy this. And if anybody has anything to add to it, let me know. Documentable info is preferred, but personal memories are also fun.

Fred (FredFred)
"out there havin' fun in the warm California sun"


The Swirling Eddies are a Christian band based in Southern California
whose first live concert[1] was at Biola on March 9, 1990. The show was a
double bill, with the Eddies opening for singer Randy Stonehill.

The band is largely a pseudonymous side project of Daniel Amos, a band
active since 1974 under a variety of names. While Daniel Amos had
developed into a serious band with thoughtful lyrics, the Swirling Eddies
were always more of a joke. Their first album, 1988's Let's Spin, was
released as part of a "Guess The Eddies" promotion in which the band
members all took on ridiculous fictional names (Camarillo Eddy, Berger Roy
Al, Spot, Arthur Fhardy, Gene Pool, Hort Elvision).

The concert at Biola was in support of their second album, Outdoor Elvis
(1989). The band played a few other shows at the Troubador in West
Hollywood, at Randy Stonehill's 20th anniversary concert (May 12, 1990),
and at the Cornerstone festival in Illinois (June 29, 1990). The band
referred to the Biola show as "The Amos 'n' Randy 'n' Eddie Tour," an
allusion to the popular "Amos 'n' Randy" tours that Daniel Amos and Randy
Stonehill had done in the late 1970s.

The Swirling Eddies 1990 concert at Biola has become legendary among
Eddies fans. The many rumors about it include that lead singer Terry
Taylor was dressed in drag for at least part of the show, that drummer Ed
McTaggart wore an ill-fitting bath robe, and that the band encouraged
dancing (in violation of Biola's dancing policy). The title track of the
first Eddies album, "Let's Spin," is a likely concert opener and includes
a resolution to "dance in the streets 'til the cows come home and there's
revival in the land," to "do the shimmy shimmy shake, the shing-a-ling,
and the missionary stew, and ... the cha-cha too," plus a celebration of
"doing curlies on the floor" and "dancin' to the righteous rag." There was
an unusually long intermission between the Eddies' set and Stonehill's,
with conflicting reports about what happened offstage during that time.
Another rumor is that the Eddies were banned from Biola after the show.

The entire set list for the show is not known, but the Eddies only had two
albums worth of songs in 1990 and the set list for the June performance at
Cornerstone is known ([ http://www.danielamos.com/concerts/cstone90se.html ]http://www.danielamos.com/concerts/cstone90se.html).
According to a review in The Chimes, the Biola set included "Let's Spin,"
"I've Got an Idea," "Driving in England," and "Hide the Beer, the Pastor's
Here." "Hide the Beer" is a song about the hypocrisy of ignoring serious
sins while being scrupulous about things like alcohol use and R rated
movies. It ends with the refrain "Hide the Beer" being sung as the names
of Christian colleges are shouted out. "Biola!" is the first name shouted
in a long list that includes Bethel, Westmont, Calvin, Asusa Pacific,
Moody Bible Institute, Multnomah, and many others.

Mark Joseph's review in the Friday, March 16 issue of The Chimes does not
make the Eddies portion of the concert sound as wild or subversive as the
legends would have it.

Concert Roars with Eddies and Stonehill
By Mark Joseph The Chimes, Friday March 16, 1990, Pages 4 & 6
Biola’s social board coordinator Steve Porter was expecting a normal sized
crowd for last Friday night’s concert at Chase Gymnasium –which in Biola’s
case means 500 people, 600 tops. What he got instead was a jam-packed
crowd of enthusiastic fans who had come to see one of today’s hippest,
‘artsiest’ bands open for one of the founders of Christian music.

In addition to the GAG couples and the chickens who couldn’t get up the
courage to ask anyone, there was a sprinkling of who’s who in Christian
music throughout the audience. In the back was singer/musician/engineer
extraordinaire Mark Heard diligently taping Stonehill’s music for an
upcoming live record. In the audience among others, were Cindy Cruse of
the Cruse family, Sandi and Heather Stonehill, Frontline recording artist
Rick Elias, and Frontline execs Mike MaClane and Tony Shore.
The Swirling Eddies, formerly DA, Da, and Daniel Amos, opened up with
their eclectic mixture of dance/punk/new wave rock and roll. Their concert
attire was the usual stuff, form fitting skirts and bathrobes, the former
of which were probably intended for females.

I confess I lost these guys sometime after 1976 when the song “Shotgun
Angel” made you proud to be a Daniel Amos fan. There were a few “Eddies”
in the audience though, most notably a few who danced circles around the
gym and convulsed on the floor, but for the most part the audience
reaction seemed to be polite at best.
The Eds did manage to connect on two songs though. “Let’s Spin” saw a fair
share of audience members doing the spin, while “Hide the Beer The
Pastor’s Here,” a cult favorite, found some singing along.

Other tunes included “I’ve Got An Idea,” and the group’s first number one
hit “Driving in England.” When the band’s set was over, the audience broke
into applause that didn’t seem to be aimed at an encore.

After a 30-minute intermission, it was Stonehill’s turn to try his blend
of eccentric humor and gritty music via an all acoustic set. From the
opening guitar strains the 20-year veteran rock and roller won over the
audience with his acoustic renditions of classic Stonehillian cuts like
“King of Hearts,” “Good News,” “Hymn,” and “Shut De Do.”

For the more recent Stonehill fan there were several cuts off of his
latest record “Return to Paradise,” including “Stand Like Steel,” and
“Starlings.” Unlike the opening act, Stonehill was called back for an
encore by an obviously appreciative audience, and the artist responded
with among others, the cuts “Turning 30,” and the energetic “What Do You
Want From Life,” off of his “Wild Frontier” album.

Although some expressed disappointment at the Swirling Eddies performance,
while others professed to have been stumbled, generally the reaction
appeared to have been positive to the concert as a whole. Coordinator
Porter was particularly delighted at the great number of off campus people
who showed up. “I was happy to see them because it gives them a chance to
see what Biola is all about,” he said.

As for the long delays before and between shows, Porter said he was
unhappy but placed the responsibility on his and his staff’s shoulders.

From many standpoints this was probably the most successful concerts in
recent Biola memory. Certainly it was from a financial and turnout
standpoint. The one faux pas may have been the combination of Stonehill
and the Eddies whose fans tend to be poles apart in musical tastes. For an
Eddies fan the Stonehill show may have been a drag and vice versa.

Hats off to Porter and all the others who worked hard to bring this show
about, and kudos to the artists who rejected Russ Taff’s philosophy of
selling T-shirts for $22, charging a measly $12 for their T’s.

? Vertigo: The Swirling Eddies Spinning Vortex Fun Club Volume 1, Issue 2
1990 [1]
Thread: Terry & Mike in Berkeley, June 7

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Two Dogs in Berkeley 06-11-2007 04:03 Forum: General Discussion

Terry and Mike did a show last Thursday in Berkeley. Twas excellent. Quick write-up here:


Set list:

A Certain Love
If You Want To
Devil’s Elbow
Free Drinks and a Dream
Broken Like Brooklyn
Startin’ Monday
Papa Danced on Olvera Street
Get Me Ready
No Room For Us
Moses in the Desert
Bad Indigestion
That’s Where Jesus Is
'Eleanor It’s Raining Now

plus a couple of encores and surprises.

Thread: Terry & Mike in Berkeley, June 7

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Terry & Mike in Berkeley, June 7 05-19-2007 23:45 Forum: General Discussion

Thursday June 7 at 3pm, Terry Taylor and Mike Roe will put on an acoustic show for a bunch of college students in Berkeley, CA. If you are in the area and want to attend, let me know off-list at fred.sanders@biola.edu.

I'll post a set list here after it happens.

Thread: Prodigal Bride

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Prodigal Bride 04-18-2007 03:02 Forum: General Discussion

I taught a class on Hosea last week and wrote about it here:

BUT more to the point for the DAMB, after a few days of immersion in Hosea I realized just how good the song "The Prodigal Bride" is, so I wrote about that here:


Fred Sanders
"when you first beheld the man, you nailed down his open hand"
Thread: MBD review at blog

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MBD review at blog 02-21-2007 11:47 Forum: General Discussion

Hello DAMB. I used to post a lot at DADL, but it looks to me like this is now the semi-official place to be (no offense, DADLers). So I've signed in as FredFredFred and will be posting things from time to time. Mainly I'll be posting links anytime I blog about DA at fredfredfred.com.

For instance, this week I wrote a little mash note to Mr. Buechner's Dream,which you can read here.
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