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Thread: Darn Floor Big Curiosity

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01-04-2007 17:50 Forum: General Discussion

Originally posted by jiminy

I found a real fun site for those who dig DFFB-
are you ready?????
(hang on to your collective hats here.....sheesh!)


Wow, that just......wow......

"The purpose of Christian music was NEVER meant to evangelize the lost!"

I can't put into words how ridiculous that sounds.

Back on topic, the only copy of DFBB I've ever had is on cassette. I need to go back and give it a listen since I haven't heard it since I was in middle school.
Thread: raised listening to DA...

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05-13-2005 15:09 Forum: General Discussion

Well, that makes 2 of us that were raised on DA from a young age. I was a wee one myself when my parents would play Shotgun Angel, Doppelganger, Fearful Symmetry, Horrendous Disc & Alarma (Both of which were released the year I was born). I've been hooked and influenced musically since. Terry and the boys proved you can make good music without having to conform to the standards of radio.
Thread: Youth With A Machine

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Youth With A Machine 05-10-2005 19:44 Forum: General Discussion

Youth With A Machine has always been one of my favorite songs. The funny thing is listening to some of the music on the radio today and I've heard quite a few songs that have the same sound that DA had already done back with Doppelganger. I bet you could play YWAM on the radio and no one would know the difference. Or maybe it's just me?
Showing posts 1 to 3 of 3 results

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