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Thread: Who are Anna, Eric and Cheyenne?
Doctor Love

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RE: Who are Anna, Eric and Cheyenne? 06-14-2012 15:32 Forum: General Discussion

Originally posted by brdhsnyrsoul
On backing vocals on the All Day Sing And Dinner On The Ground release?

Yes, Cheyenne was indeed my ex-gf.

Ana Cardenas was Gene Eugene’s partner and co-owner of the Green Room studios for many years, and did a lot of the Lost Dogs covers and sleeve designs -- Scenic Routes, Little Red Riding Hood, Green Room Serenade, and maybe even Gift Horse. Eric is her husband.

We were all crammed into my daughter Devon’s bedroom along with Terry and engineer Don Bown, singing at the top of our lungs one night. Terry and I recorded the entire All Day Sing EP in that bedroom in three days! Eventually, we drug Ana, Eric and Chy in there to do the ‘drunken’ vocals on those silly songs -- good times ~~ Tongue
Thread: Upcoming Lost Dogs Projects
Doctor Love

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a special treats my friends 11-23-2007 17:06 Forum: General Discussion

In addition to the songs below, Dr. Edward Daniel Taylor delivers a perfectly frank holiday greeting which I'm sure will warm the cockles of your little pea-pickin' hearts!

Plus a few surprises..... Cool

Originally posted by MarkyMark77
What might be on such an album, I wonder?


A new rendition of "Fruitcake From Hell"?
Derri's "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"?
"Here Comes Santa Claus"?

I can't wait!
Thread: Hey Terry, Dr. Love, etc.
Doctor Love

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Hey Terry, Dr. Love, etc. 07-09-2003 02:44 Forum: General Discussion

Gosh folks, I had no idea that Terry was generally absent from this list, but that doesn't surprise me as he's generally absent from just about everything else as well!

I find this list hilarious, entertaining and informative but sadly I do not visit it very often if at all (I have a hard enough time keeping up with the 77's and Lost Dogs lists) but I would be happy to answer any and all questions regarding my work with Terry and the Lost Dogs if they could just be directed to me at my home e-mail address -- mike@77s.com.

Thanks for thinking of me. It's nice to be remembered in your old age.

And God Bless Tiny Tim Chandler for minding the store while the owners are perpetually out on the golf course. Tim has gotta be one of the best bass players ever, and I'm always grateful when he plays with the Lost Dogs on our records and live shows -- what a monster!!!

With Love from Doctor!!!
Thread: Hey Dr Love!!
Doctor Love

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03-20-2002 22:07 Forum: General Discussion

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