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Thread: It's All About YOU....

Replies: 180
Views: 295,674
02-03-2008 21:19 Forum: General Discussion

2 Posts! (3 now) Is that all? Gosh I need to step up..
Thread: It's All About YOU....

Replies: 180
Views: 295,674
RE: It's All About YOU.... 02-03-2008 21:14 Forum: General Discussion

Just thought I'd do this finally... bored with XLII

Name: Roger Moore
Birthday: 8.7.60
Birthplace: Ft Worth Tx
Current Location: Seattle/Lynnwood, WA
Current Occupation: Software development
Dream Occupation: Auto restorer
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: greying blond
Height: 5.11
Right Handed or Left Handed: R
Your Heritage: Irish/Eng
Your Biggest Weakness: Saying Yes
Your Fears: I'll work myself to death
The Perfect Pizza: Combo
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: Survive it
Your Most Overused Phrase or word: uh
Morning person or Night Owl: morning
Your Best Physical Feature: hands
Your Most Missed Memory: Can't remember
Pepsi or Coke: Dr. Pepper for crying out loud
Favorite Fast Food: Tacos
Can You Cook: Absolutely
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Cappuccino or Coffee: Coffee
Three Stooges, Abbot and Costello or the Marx Brothers: A&C
Number of hours that you normally watch TV in a single day: 4
Favorite type of movie (Drama/comedy/action/documentary/etc): Drama
Letterman or Leno: Letterman
Do you Smoke: not for 28 years TG
Do you Sing: Yep
Do you Dance: kind'a
Most unusual talent: gosh... I've got so many...
You like to regularly challenge yourself by: lifting the covers every morning
Do you get Motion Sickness: nah
Are you a Health Freak: certainly not
Do/did you get along with your Parents: love 'em both (still)
Do you like Thunderstorms: Awesome!!!
Do you play an Instrument: Guitar
Have you ever Stolen Anything: confession time?
Have You Ever been Beaten up: Yeah...
What do you want to be when you Grow Up: Mechanic
What country would you most like to Visit: Greece
Number of CDs I own: 500ish
Number of Piercings: One that's long ago closed up
Number of Tattoos: Nada
Number of Message Board Alliases: This one? 1
The Greatest Rock Band in History Is: HELLO! Pink Floyd Big Grin
The Album I Wore Out Growing Up Was: LZ4 until DA-SA (we are talking "albums" here, right? DA-SA was my first Christian album and I wore that thing out.
Thread: Lost Dogs, Knott, and 5 O'clock people

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RE: Lost Dogs, Knott, and 5 O'clock people 06-15-2007 16:48 Forum: General Discussion

It was an interesting concert. I was one of the few there who was not familiar with Mike Knott -- and after having seen him still have no clue what it was I saw. The guy is a trip... man.

The 5-Oclock People were pretty good. Had never heard them before either.

A couple times Knott walked up on stage and just started playing with both of the other bands and it wasn't clear he was supposed to be doing that or not. But everyone flowed with it. He invited 5.O.P. up at the end of his set too. I snapped only a couple photo's.

The Dogs were up their same old shenanigans and the hall was very casual. People sitting all hap-hazard and with a "bar" in the back for the birthday party that this whole gig started out as, it was a unique visit with the boys. I still wish I had the nerve to go up and "have a chat" with them. Still get too tongue-tied.

Cheers -
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