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Thread: Top 5 Dig Here Songs

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07-08-2013 14:59 Forum: General Discussion

I think my favourite is the title track "Dig here said the angel".
Thread: Mr. Amos & the "to do" list

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Pre-orders 10-16-2009 16:22 Forum: General Discussion

I would definitely buy any items that were put out to support new releases and also be happy to buy the album itself when available.

Also can't resist asking whether it ever likely that Terry might make it back over to the UK for a performance anytime? I reckon it must be 1985 that DA were last here - playing at Greenbelt Festival - I was 13 at the time and still have my Vox Humana t shirts and signed copy of the album (on vinyl of course) - although Terry wasn't at the signing so his sig missing ! Would really love to see Terry again over here.
Thread: Vinyl Thoughts

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Vinyl 10-10-2005 15:04 Forum: General Discussion

I still buy everything I can on vinyl.. and am disappointed to have to buy CD when no vinyl available.. so I would be very keen to have recent DA stuff available on vinyl.. I have all the old stuff up to Darn Floor and Terry's solo albums on vinyl.
Something about when that needle hits the groove..
Thread: Cool T shirts for sale!

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Cool T shirts for sale! 10-03-2004 16:13 Forum: General Discussion

Hi guys this weeks offer from over the pond in England are 2 of my treasured T shirts. Once is the Swirling Eddies Dante's Inferno shirt from about 10 years back and the other is a 20 year old DA Vox Humana shirt - check out the links below to have a peek - low starting prices!

All the best

Vox Humana T Shirt

Swirling Eddies T Shirt
Thread: Ebay - Darn floor big bite CD for sale

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Ebay - Darn floor big bite CD for sale 09-25-2004 08:41 Forum: General Discussion

Dear all
Just a quick message to let you know that I am selling my CD copy of the classic DA album "Darn floor big bite". It is in very good condition for age as I haven't played it a lot as I prefer my vinyl version. If you have any queries let me know. Bidding closes Sat 2nd October.

Darn floor big bite
Showing posts 1 to 5 of 5 results

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