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Thread: Pray Where You Are CD single
Mother Trucker

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05-21-2003 11:10 Forum: General Discussion

I was just wondering if the Tall fellow was single. I pray where I am for a man like that! Woo Hoo send some of that to me Audiori, no way I'd return that hunk of a man!

hey you kids, get away from the truck

Thread: Christian rock is stupid.
Mother Trucker

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05-21-2003 11:06 Forum: General Discussion

Originally posted by joey

Jesus loves stupid people and there are lots of them to love...... Red Face

Are you calling people of God dumb? That aint right...

I'll tell you what to think, Maybe the folks out there who don't love God are dumb, but not us Christians.

Beep Beep

I got's to back into the loading dock now...

Talk about dumb, you should see some of these warehouse workers. The other day one of them idjits drove the forklift right off the end of the ramp. There is just no saving dumb people.

Mom T.
Showing posts 1 to 2 of 2 results

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