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Thread: DA Tour 2011
Big Jim

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East Brunswick, NJ Show Info 05-16-2011 11:11 Forum: General Discussion

Folks - until the info can be corrected on the DA Concerts page (links listed are not correct and are in the process of being updated) , I wanted to make sure everyone has the correct websites to go to view info/purchase tix for the concert at the Zimmerman Basement o' Sound in East Brunsick, NJ:

Concert Website: http://mysite.verizon.net/vzeslyb9/danielamosconcert (tix on sale via Paypal from this site)
iTickets: http://www.itickets.com/events/264458 (tix on sale via iTickets from this site)

We can not wait for this show, but I guess we will have to!! Cool

Thread: DA touring in June 2011
Big Jim

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RE: northeast tour stop, please 02-01-2011 14:38 Forum: General Discussion

Memo: Potential good news - 6/25 is the date that is being earmarked for a show in the central NJ area. I am not involved with the planning aspect at this point, but I do know that the promoter just needs to secure a venue in this area. Stay tuned!

Jim O'Dell
Thread: New Jersey Show, July 12
Big Jim

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RE: Terry Taylor Show Last Night 07-13-2009 14:40 Forum: General Discussion

Michael - yeah, I remember you telling Andrew that you thought he looked like Jimmy Page. And I agree with you. He also said other people have told him that he looks like Mitch Mitchell when he is drumming. I definitely could see that too.

Andrew is in a band called Stagbitten, so named by the autistic brother of a band member (I think - hope I'm getting that right - I know it's someone's autistic brother anyway) who had come up with the name in the past. And said brother was thrilled when the band formed and actually used the name and gave credit to him.

Andrew was a great addition to the sound in any case... Great guy too - it was good hanging with him - he really has an appreciation for his Dad's craft and that was really cool to see...
Thread: New Jersey Show, July 12
Big Jim

Replies: 16
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Terry Taylor Show Last Night 07-13-2009 14:24 Forum: General Discussion

Yeah, awesome show! Great people were on hand, definitely including the band members. Wish I had more of a chance to meet more people, but I felt like things were a bit of a blur, what with all of the things to attend to - I was behind the bar for much of the night, but still had a good line of sight to the show. There were probably about 35-40 people on hand, but then again I have poor estimating skills. Dean and Tami did a fantastic job hosting. It was great to be a part of this!

Michael aka Skip - it was good to see you and your son and mother-in-law again. Looks like M4 was having a great time! Steve Hindalong giving him the flip behind his back has to be a highlight for him and for you. Smile DW - it was good to meet you - hope you can make it to the Mike Roe concert next week. Last I heard, we still need a few more to make the show happen, so as soon as you know you can come, please purchase that ticket! Smile

Dan Zimmerman, who opened the show (not to be confused with Dean Zimmerman, the inimitable host), was pretty great too. He lives in the area and Sufjan Stevens has recorded on the same label he is on too - Familyre records. It was great to hear Dan play too. Previous generations of Dan's family hails from the Midwest (Duluth, MN/Fondulac, WI area), so I asked him if there is a chance he is related to Bob Dylan. He said there is a possibility and since there is that possibility, he doesn't want to do the digging only to find out he is not related. Better to hang on to the possibility. Dan and his wife Robin were real gracious people in any case.

A couple questions:

Did anyone write down the set list? They added "If You Want To" to the list tonight - based on the between song banter, they hadn't played this for awhile, definitely not on this tour. Hearing them perform "Walls of Doubt" was a highlight, but there are too many highlights to mention...

Also, someone was taking pictures. Does anyone know who that was?Thanks in any case!

Great great evening!
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