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Thread: Rare Terry Taylor Album on eBay!
Ren Periwinkle

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07-05-2006 10:07 Forum: General Discussion

Wow, Mr. Taylor looks like Omar Sharif or something with just the mustache like that. He seems to like hats. He had a pretty cool one at the show in New Orleans. I was there. Actually I'm still here. I quit my job back home in Antioch and got a job as a bartender on the steamboat Natchez. I love the people and the vibe here.
Peace out
Thread: Terry Taylor music on an American Express ad...
Ren Periwinkle

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04-26-2005 14:34 Forum: General Discussion

I didn't see or hear anything in all that, that was even remotely hillbilly.
Thread: "Darn Floor Big Bite" quoted in SI
Ren Periwinkle

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04-24-2005 21:50 Forum: General Discussion

That's real nice.
What makes you think I'm a hillbilly anyway?
Now just because I happen to like hillbilly you assume I must be a hillbilly.
Not so.
Neither do I assume you're a homasexual just cuz you got pictures of homasexshals on your posts there. Tongue
Thread: "Darn Floor Big Bite" quoted in SI
Ren Periwinkle

Replies: 15
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04-23-2005 20:47 Forum: General Discussion

I gave that idea to Terry years ago, in the 70's.
He was over for a visit to my cabin in Lafayette, La. and he went plumb through a bad spot on my termite-infested old floor,which I have since repaired.
Anyway as I was pulling him up out of the floor I remarked to him,"Darn floor. Big bite huh? "
I told him that would be a great title for a song.
I thought he was gonna write a hillbilly tune out of it but their sound soon changed to that hard rock wierdness.
Years later I heard he had made a song called Darn Floor Big Bite. I went out and bought the album only to be shocked and outraged.
I was definitely expecting something along the lines of , "There's a leak in this old building" or something, not that wacko new wave shirt.
Then they made up that ridiculous story about the ape. All smoke and mirrors son all smoke and mirrors.
That's alright now you all know the truth.
Thread: Vintage Gene Eugene Audio Files (and others, too!)
Ren Periwinkle

Replies: 34
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03-26-2005 20:30 Forum: General Discussion

Thanks for the links, Spacey
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